Thermal Imaging Report : Raahe Seminary Rector's House

E. Hukka & E. Korp

OULU University of Applied Sciences

Refurbishment and Change of Use at the Rectors’ House, Raahe: Art Residence Plans and Co-Design Process

J. Heinonen

Oulu University of Applied Science

Combining Sustainable Design Education with Research on Pathway to Zero Energy Historic Buildings

K.McCartney & K. Busby

Centre for Architectural Education, University College Cork & Munster Technological University

Review A Review on Technical Challenges and Possibilities on Energy Efficient Retrofit Measures in Heritage Buildings

Gireesh Nair , Leo Verde and Thomas Olofsson

Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, Umeå University,

Reports on the study at Teg’s church

1. Field measurements and numerical analysis on operating modes of a radiant floor heating aided by a warm air system in a large single-zone church.

Energy and Buildings. Zhang, Y., Zhao, C., Olofsson, T., Nair, G., Yang, B., Li, A.

2. Cold windows induced airflow effects on the thermal environment for a large single-zone building.

Zhang, Y., Olofsson, T., Nair, G., Zhao, C ., Yang, B., Li, A.

Reports on Myross Wood House

Myross Wood House Energy Upgrade Study

C.Akiboye & S.Conolly

Akiboye Conolly Architects

Energy Action Plan for Green Skibbereen - Myross Wood House

L. McLoughlin

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Retrofit Strategy for Myross Wood House, Leap, County Cork

C.E.Purcell, P.Cox, P.Todisco

Carrig Conservation International Ltd.

P.J. Barrett & Co Quotation for Preparatory Buildings Works to Aid Drying and Weathertightness

P.J. Barrett & Co.

P.J. Barrett & Co

Specification and Design for Historic Buildings Retrofitting

C. Akiboye & S. Conolly

Akiboye Conolly Architects