Partner Meeting, Umeå, Sweden, June 2022

The most recent Energy Pathfinder in-person meeting was held June 6th to 9th . The meeting was held in Umeå, Sweden. Umeå is the home of Energy Pathfinder partner Umeå University, who were the organisers of the trip and our gracious hosts.  Umeå is also the site of the Energy Pathfinder demonstrator building Tegs Kyrka. The construction of this modernist church was started in 1964 and was inaugurated on 1969. Largely unaltered, the church has been designated as a cultural heritage site by listing it in the Buildings Register of the Swedish National Heritage Board. More details on this impressive building can be found on the Demonstrator Building section of this site. 


Tegs Kyrka

A brief presentation on the history of  Umeå was given by Thomas Olofsson,  which can be viewed below. 

On the 7th of June there was a sightseeing trip to three building of historical note : The residence of the Governor of County Västerbotten, Umeå City Church and The Old Prison. 

The residence of the Governor of County Västerbotten

The residence of the Governor of County Västerbotten is located in Umeå and offers the representation premises for the governor of Västerbotten County. Additionally, the governor is living in the building. The building is managed by the Swedish Property Agency and has been a protected building monument since 1974. After Umeå for city privileges in 1622 it become a residence in the newly formed Västerbotten County. The old residence was destroyed in the big city fire of 1888. After the fire, the architect Fredrik Ekholm was commissioned to design a new residence. After his death, the work was continued by the architect Ludwig Peterson. The design was inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The construction was conducted during years 1891–1894. An extension consisting of two wings was built in 1935 and designed by architect Denis Sundberg. During 2011-2015 the building was renovated. The façade was restored to its original design. Ventilating systems were renovated using the air exhaust system as much as possible. The interior of the ground floor was partly renovated to be rented out to external tenants. Peter Gustavsson representative of one of the tenants, ASPI AB, introduced the renovated office in the residence building.

Umeå Old Prison

Umeå old prison was constructed in 1861. It was designed by the architect. Wilhelm Theodor Anckarsvärd. The prison was one of few buildings that did not burn down in the city fire of 1888. Thus, it is one of Umeå’s oldest remaining buildings. It is a listed building since 1992. The prison was in use until 1981. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was used for different purposes. In 2007-2008 the prison was rebuilt into a hotel with 23 single rooms, 2 family rooms, and one double room with a conference room for meetings and celebrations that can accommodate up to 50 people. Much of the original design is preserved. The building also has a small museum presenting how the building was used as a prison.

Umeå City Church

Umeå city original old church constructed in wood was demolished in a fire on Christmas day 1887. The architect Fredrik Olaus Lindström was commissioned in June 1889 to start the design process, which was completed in July 1890. The construction started in August 1892 and was completed on the first Sunday in December 1894. The church is a three-aisled hall church in a Neo-Gothic style with the tower located on the side of the nave, at the north façade.

Umeå City Church was originally heated and ventilated by a so-called caloric system. The system was developed during the late 19th century and was in Sweden used mainly in churches, schools, hospitals, and administrative buildings. It was an airborne system where the outdoor air was taken into a warm chamber in the basement. From this, hot air was distributed by terminal natural ventilation. Today very few systems are preserved. In the Umeå City Church, the original air distribution system is used, although the air distribution is supported by electric fans. Since the construction four major renovations have been conducted. The last and present renovation is focused on the external façade.