Energy Pathfinder Webinar: Energy, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring of The Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne by NCE Insulation in Partnership with DCSix Technologies

DCSix Technologies has been monitoring heat and humidity levels at the Cathedral of St. Anne and St. Mary through sensors and energy usage through the Wattrics systems over the previous nine months. The data generated through this sophisticated monitoring provides context and increases the understanding of the energy use of the cathedral and the options available to reduce costs and carbon output. This has been of fundamental importance to the cathedral in achieving its sustainability goals. Barry Bambury, our guest speaker, will also discuss DCSix Technologies’ monitoring of the heat and humidity levels of Myross Wood House. Both the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne, and Myross Wood House are demonstrator sites of the Energy Pathfinder Project.

In this webinar, Operations Manager for DCSix technologies Barry Bambury presents on the technologies and methods used to help North Cathedral move towards a more sustainable future. 

The slides used during the webinar are available next to the video in a rotating slide show.

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